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All About Melissa Gee

Melissa is based in the heart of the National Forest in the UK.

Her preferred medium is oil paints, which she uses with a brush and a palette knife to create paintings with form and texture, occasionally adding other materials such as gold leaf to create an added dimension to her work.

Melissa takes inspiration from the natural world, whether that is the plants, flowers and trees, the creatures that live in and around them, or the very earth itself in the form of raw gemstones and rock formations.

Her aim is to explore the innate connectedness of all life on earth – humans, animals, plants, the earth itself – and to inspire a love of the natural world and our place in it through art.

Making the shift to professional artist in 2019, Melissa’s biggest achievement to date is being awarded 7th place in the Light Space Time Gallery worldwide ‘Created in Isolation’ competition with her painting entitled ‘Confined’. She was also awarded a Special Merit in the same gallery’s ‘Animals’ worldwide competition for her painting of a jaguar entitled ‘Prowl’.

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